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18.5″ Celeron Quad Core Healthcare Infotainment Terminal

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  • One Stop Shop Service: HW + SW Turnkey Solution
  • Infection Control: Fanless Design, IP65
  • EHR Software Friendly: EPIC, Cerner, NextGen, etc.
  • Safety Certification: EN/UL60601, CE/FCC Class B
  • Mobile EHR, Telemedicine & Patient Engagement
  • PACS Image Processing: DICOM Compliant
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We provide one stop shop design manufacturing service from embedded board to open frame platform and fanless medical certified Aio system with competitive design cost and shorter design cycle.

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Onyx Healthcare Technology Enhances Patient Engagement

As hospitals and clinics battle rising readmission rates, Onyx Healthcare is launching new technology designed to allow medical professionals to provide better care to their patients.  Onyx Healthcare – the leading solution for medically focused computer design manufacturing – is committed to developing products that enhance patient engagement, while streamlining the patient care process. Onyx Healthcare has recently announced the arrival of Venus, a mobile nursing workstation that greatly enhances patient engagement, treatment, and experiences.  This product was designed in response to the growing number of nursing professionals, who pointed out that their workstations on wheels weren’t meeting the growing demands for patient care. Traditional versions of workstations on wheels weight almost 176 pounds, meaning nurses had to push this weight around for eight or more hours per day (this weight estimate doesn’t account for accessories).  This heavy and practically immobile workstation has been cited to contributing to frustration, exhaustion, impatience, and significant PC downtime in the workplace. To answer these problems, Onyx Healthcare developed the Venus mobile nursing workstation, a panel PC that has hot swappable batteries.  The Venus only weighs about 13 pounds, which includes the weight of batteries.  Overall, the Venus workstation is 78 pounds lighter than traditional nursing workstations. With regards to patient engagement, this means nurses won’t have to deal with the frustrations associated with traditional workstations.  Additionally,  the Venus workstation provides a holistic approach to patient care.  Nurses are able to note the patient’s family members, preferred physicians, medical records, a number of appointments, and a simplified chart of patient progress. Onyx Healthcare will present at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society... read more

Boost Patient Satisfaction with Onyx Bedside Terminal

Onyx Healthcare – the leading solution for medically focused computer design manufacturing – has always been committed to providing the best technology-led solutions for difficult hospital issues, like patient satisfaction and readmission rates.  In response to this growing epidemic, Onyx Healthcare has announced the release of its Healthcare Infotainment Terminal, which can be used to enhance a patient’s experience while he or she is being treated. With more studies linking low patient satisfaction with higher rates of readmission, there’s a clear need for better care management and engagement during a patient’s stay in a hospital.  As such, the Healthcare Infotainment Terminal is designed to present patients with the entertainment and information they need to feel comforted and engaged during their stay.  The Healthcare Infotainment Terminal serves multiple purposes, as it can be used within: Patient wards Long-term care facilities The Healthcare Infotainment Terminal allows patients to watch popular television channels while receiving treatment.  The Healthcare Infotainment Terminal also features a wireless remote control, a reading light, and a VOIP phone with webcam to make video calls to loved ones.  Patients can also use the terminal to look up information about their particular treatment, as well as order food from the hospital cafeteria. These features can help aid a patient in enjoying his or her experience within the hospital or medical center; additionally, better patient entertainment gives patients the comfort and a better experience in hospital stay which already stated in the sentence before this. For the additional feature bedside terminal provides educational information to the patients such as health tips, their health status and their medication instruction to prevent misuse... read more

Onyx Healthcare Explores: Higher Readmission Rates in US Hospitals

Hospital readmission rates are steadily on the rise – and administrators are still trying to figure out why more patients are coming back to hospitals after being treated for their specific ailments.  In fact, in an article published in the Oxford Journals, researchers claimed that “readmissions may be responsible for up to half of all hospital admissions.”[1] What’s more, these recurring patients can be a serious drain on a hospital’s revenue. The same article states that “repeated admissions may be responsible for up to 60% of hospital expenditure…it has also been suggested that repeated hospital admissions may promote dependency and lead to a self-perpetuating cycle often described as the ‘revolving door syndrome’ of readmissions.”[2] Onyx Healthcare – the leading solution for medically focused computer design manufacturing – aims to explore and target sky-high readmissions rates, as well as identify potential solutions that hospitals can immediately put into place.  These solutions include the following: Provide a more personalized care experience. It’s been suggested that patients often return to hospitals because they didn’t get the best care possible the first time around.  This could happen for any number of reasons, including lack of coordination between nurses and doctors.  That’s why Onyx Healthcare has created multiple mobile EMR products designed to improve patient care.  With these products, data is freed from the nurse’s station, thus improving patient care and hospital-wide communications. Create a better patient experience. If patients get the proper care and attention they need during the first visit, they’re much less likely to be readmitted to the hospital.  Medical devices that incorporate entertainment systems (like TV/on-demand videos) can keep patients... read more

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